Worlds Fastest Ford Powered By Brisk USA Spark Plugs

Brisk USA Spark Plugs is proud to be Modular Motorsports Racing - MMR​ spark plug of choice for over 5 years!


Mark Luton​ lowered the Ford quarter-mile record to a 5.84 on his first ever quarter-mile pass in the MMR GenX Coyote, making it the quickest Ford on the planet!


MMR Mustang Combo:

Brisk USA Spark Plugs

Modular Motorsports Racing - MMR Gen X Billet block

Bill Miller connecting rods

Winberg Crankshafts

Shelby GT350 cylinder heads

Custom COMP Cams

MMR sheetmetal plenum

90mm Wilson Manifolds

Two Garrett GTX4718 Supercharges

Rossler TH400 auto transmission

ProTorque​ EV1 torque converter