SpeedFactory Racing Sets New World Record With Brisk Racing Spark Plugs

SpeedFactory Racing Event Update 

HondaFest NW - Kent, WA - April 10, 2016

West Coast Shootout - Woodburn, OR - April 16, 2016

We had 2 local events this month, HondaFest at Pacific Raceways and the West Coast Shootout in Woodburn, OR.  Both events had pleasant weather, with temps in the 75* range and sunny with density altitude readings of about 1200* during mid-day at both events. Fans came out in massive numbers to both events, with traffic at HondaFest backed up all the way onto the freeway and ~1hr wait times just to get in!

The Competition Clutch Outlaw Civic ran an 8.01 @ 189 and a 7.91 @ 187 at HondaFest, equaling our world record 7.91 pass at World Cup Finals two years ago - this was very exciting for us. Coming into the West Coast Shootout the following weekend, we were confident that this time would be eclipsed.

Q1 in the cooler morning conditions netted a new 1/8th mile record of 5.278 @ 149.82 before a lubrication issue caused 4th gear to let go and it slowed to an 8.27 @ 133 which was still good enough for the #1 qualifying spot. A 5.357 @ 151.29 was the previous best 1/8th mile set the previous weekend. We were very sad to lose 4th on this pass as it would've run a bottom 7.8xx and absolutely crushed the previous record.

We got to work swapping the transmission, and it went a 7.96 @ 192 in R1 for the round win. Due to a short field the next round was the finals, and an adjustment to the launch settings caused the car to bog and die off the line which cost us the win against an 8.50 car. We were quite dejected at this point but got the car prepped anyways and went out for one last exhibition pass and a final shot at dipping into the 7.8xx's that we have been working so hard for over the last 2 years.

The conditions had gotten worse as the day wore on with air temp at 80*F, track temp of 100*, and DA of 1400' at 4:04PM. It didn't seem like it was going to happen, but the car left with a decent 1.430 sixty foot time and went cleanly down the track posting a New World Record of 7.884 @ 190.92mph! 

This was a great way to end the day on a high note with 2 new records - first stock unibody FWD car to run 5.2's to the 1/8th and first to run in the 7.8's in the 1/4 mile! 

The Vibrant Performance civic laid down an 8.44 @ 183 and a solid 8.37 @ 186 at HondaFest. At the West Coast Shootout, Cole qualified #1 in the SFWD class with an 8.48 @ 180 in Q1. He sat out Q2 and Cole had a bye run the next two rounds and then lined up against teammate Joel Sipes in the semi-finals. This was a very close neck and neck race which was decided by a dropped valve coming into the traps. Cole slowed to an 8.48 @ 176 and lost at the stripe by a MOV of .0228!

The BWR civic ran fantastic at both events with the new engine, running an 8.41 @ 181 and 8.44 @ 183 at HondaFest, both new PB trap speeds and equaling it's best ET from last year. At the West Coast Shootout Joel laid down an 8.50 @ 183 in Q1 to take the #2 qualifier spot behind teammate Cole Marmon's 8.48 pass. He sat out Q2, and in R1 he ran an 8.46 @ 181 for the win. R2 was a bye run, and in the semi-finals he was victorious over Cole with an amazing 8.38 @ 186 blast, which is a new PB in both ET and MPH. In the final round a bog off the line resulted in an 8.65 @ 182 which was good for the event win!   

The new EcoBoost 2.3L 4-cylinder Mustang project car clicked off a couple of 11.5 second passes at 117-118mph at HondaFest  running at the 400whp mark. We are happy with that and are in the process of getting a block sleeved so that we can start really pushing the power numbers with a larger turbo setup.    

It was nice to make great progress with the BWR car and take home the win in the SFWD class with it as well as set new records with the Outlaw car. Thank you so much to all of you that continue to support us. 

This upcoming weekend we will be in Las Vegas for the Import Face Off race, we hope to see some of you there! 


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