Product Testimonial


My name is William "Doc" Garges. I am the proud owner of "Doc's ER Shop".
We are a specialty race engine builder, service and repair shop. We have been
in business for over a decade. We serve the private sector of this industry

that we are in and have been growing each and every year. For the p,ast two
years we have been using your products and have seen a significant difference
in two vital area's. First our engines operate smoother and operate more
consistent than any other spark plug we have tested. Secondly we are able to
take our designs to the maximum limits because we know we can get a clean,
hot and powerful ignition. All of our prototypes are operated with your plugs
as a standard because we know they are reliable and don't change. When we
changed to your products we were able to see gains over the prior spark plugs
we had tried. Over the years we have tried other product lines from other
manufacturers and were let down each time. Through time and trial we found
your company and have found exactly what we have been looking for. A product
that delivers what it promises.
For the past four years we have co-sponsored a Crosskart team and it has
been a awesome experience. At the end of last years season we were bit by the
competition bug and we discussed building our own team. In November of last
year we ordered our "Roller" and have filled it out with one of our custom
engines. We are registered in the Xtreme Class and have finished the first
three events this year taking two first place and second place finish. At
these events we see several logos but we haven't seen yours being displayed.
And we would like to change this. We also race at other non sanctioned
Crosskart events such as Autocross races, Rally Races and Truck races. So we
have exposure to several different race forums.
We are fully self funded and have no need for sponsorship but have been
offering a "Free Ride" for the businesses that produce the products we use in
our shop and track side. If you have any decals that you would like for us to
sport on the vehicle and pit boxes we would be happy to promote your business
in this way. Also, if you have any advertising merchandise that you would
like us to give the fans that come to our pit boxes during the events, we
would be happy to so so. Our drivers have been signing fliers, decals and
such for our fans. We answer questions about the products that we use and
We are happy to give back to the companies that help keep us in the front
of the pack, in both business and racing. This is our way of saying thank you
for making a product that we can count on without a second thought.

Thank you,
William "Doc" Garges
Doc's ER Shop.