John Urist s550 Mustang Powered By Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs

9 Time NMRA World Champion, John Urist 2016 Hellion Turbo s550

Powered By Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs!


"John Urist 2016 Ford Mustang is based on the unfamiliar S550 Mustang, but the engine bay is filled with a 358CI Billet Coyote Engine from MMR. A full body of carbon-fiber panels including MMR’s carbon-fiber doors, wing, deck lid, and dash, with a lightweight hood from Watson Racing help to reduce the weight.  Behind Bars Race Cars updated the chassis to 25.3 Specs, and Hellion Turbo provided the custom-built turbo kit.  John Urist is looking to leave his mark on the Street Outlaw class with this machine."

-  Ainsley Jacobs, Fastest Street Car Magazine