360 Stunts featuring Michael Lewis Salsman and Ryan Koch - Brisk Sponsored Riders - Win King of the Mountain 2016!


PRESS RELEASE: February 1, 2016


What can only be described as Unbelievable.... Who is the Leader of the Pack, as not even King Cody Webb can beat the 3repeat win of back to back to back  King of Moto Team Champion Michael Lewis Salsman on his GasGas of 360Stunts of Temecula, California.


Salsman a Top Finisher and Champion in his own rights in AMA Twin shock Trials, Vintage, TrialsCross, and Men's Vet EnduroCross has done what no other EnduroCross Rider has done 3 Title Championship wins 2014-2015-2016.


 Cody Webb won 2 years in a row then lost to Coltan Hacker and won again in 2016 giving him 3 overall wins of the Individual Men's Pro King of Moto.


What makes the Team King of Moto so much harder than the individual?  "TIME" as every checkpoint has to be with your team mate, and many Pro Riders are not capable of riding with a partner because they only think of getting through fast and on their own.... The Checkpoints as a Team means you have to work together in King of Moto and Team mates are hard to find.


2014 saw Salsman with Canadian Champion and AMA #1 Plate Men's Vet Team mate from GasGas Factory 360 Stunts 2013-2015 rider Stephen Foord for their first win...Foord attempted a come back in 2016 with a new team mate from Beta Factory Canada only to loose to Salsman and his 2016 Team Mate Ty Cullins.


2015 saw Michael Salsman with rider Ryan Koch a young upstart to take the win by only minutes and now 2 titles in KOM.



2016 saw an incredible journey, last minute injuries to Ryan Koch turned into an alliance that has never been seen as GasGas Michael Salsman was joined by Beta Factory Pro Rider Ty Cullins of AMA EnduroCross.


Ty's valiant hard charging efforts efforts and riding paid off helping Salsman clinch his coveted 3peat in the King of Moto Team National Championship win.... 


The ONLY Rider to do so in King of the Hammers, King of Moto History....